Web Application Development

The complete process of complex designing, building, testing,
and deploying a web-based app. Build your next project with us.

Web Portal Development

AGM Infotech is efficient in building a user-focused secure web-based platform. It helps to drive sales and also helps to grow your business.

Single Page Application

A single-page application (SPA) interacts with the user dynamically. The primacy of SPA is fast loading time and seamless User Experience.

Progressive Web App

A progressive web app is made to resemble an application installed on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. It has good performance in poor network conditions.

Create Your Web Application With Us

  1. Our web development services covered: Consulting, Branding and UX/UI Design, Web and Mobile Development, Integrations, Analytics, Testing, Security, Uninterrupted Support, and Development.
  2. Single point of access to structured information about your products or services, self-service functionality, and communication tools.
  3. Have consistent customer interaction and sales / products / services information.
  4. Improve your business position by implementing a higher-level of service to the clients with magnificently steady self-service and live support, elegant complex communication with your clients and make the process speedy and more convenient.

Document Management System

Document Management System designed to help organizations store, track, modify, and manage documents on a centralized platform.

Photo Contest Management

It's designed to help with Photo Contest online entry, Image Uploading, Notification, Collect Payment, Online Judging, Score Card, Certificate, & more

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